“Full of energy, and pride in their skills”

Little Sunningdale - New Build
Project Description

David MacGillivray Construction Ltd came highly recommended to us. Always a good place to start!

This is a small hi spec house with honey coloured oiled larch panelling. It has a bedroom; office, shower room, and kitchen come living and dining room. It is my home and I love it.

David was recommended by neighbours and friends and having decided to downsize and build in order to stay near my daughter after my husband died, it didn’t occur to me to seek out anyone else and I have no regrets. My daughter purchased my old house enabling me to build this new one.

David placidly waited while I organised both a wind turbine removal, (a challenge during Covid) and a burden lifted off the land where I was to build. When my daughter’s house sale initially fell through, unlike me he showed no sign of concern and continued building.

I watched daily as the house went up, enjoying seeing his team working on my home. They were not only polite but full of energy, and pride in their skills. Not only his team but scaffolders to lorry drivers, to council inspectors all confided that he always got a good job done. The joy of the team when they finished the cladding was infectious, they were so proud of the standard they had perfected. In fact each skill set echoed this sentiment.

We were glad when the house was finished, but sad to see them all go!

Juli Salt

FMB Award

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