Muirside New Build

an amazing house, a whole new life
Project Description

We met David in 2013. David was already highly recommended by our new neighbours at the Muirside farm house.

We found David most helpful in the pricing of our house. He very keenly laid every aspect of the costs out in a comprehensive spread sheet, so everything was clear from the start. This also made it easy to pick out parts such as Windows , doors or heating system, for further discussion.

We had spoken with other larger building firms, but their commitment to this level of conversation was limited, compared to David's enthusiasm.

David Was able to advise us on Which Architects to go to and once the warrant had been draw up by them and approved by the council, he was able to cost most acurately the build. This also helped enormously with applying to lenders.

We bought our site in 2012 and we had , to say the least a bumpy ride in getting things together, dealing with the various red tape! We were quite bewildered by the time we were ready to build and from the beginning, it was actually the build process which I was most worried about!

However handing it over to David was the best thing we did, He worked directly and specifically to the warrant, without complication.

As you can see we have an amazing house and a whole new life!

Jason Cunningham & Shona Halford Muirside Steading

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